Social Media Extravaganza!

I thought it would be really nice to have all of my social media accounts in one place for people to discover.

Of course the most obvious at the moment would be my blog! Welcome… you are already here. Feel free to click around and see what it is all about. It really is a hot pot of content.


  • @EvilKittenator 
    • My very personal Instagram account (but not personal enough to be private!). You will find pictures of me and my family, my cat and dog, and pictures of food (usually food I make but once in a while food I find at restaurants)
  • @EvilKittenatorChibi 
    • This is where you will find all the pictures of the little chibi’s that I draw. I only update this when I draw new chibi’s.
  • @EvilKittenatorCreative 
    • This is where you will find pictures of my bullet journal spreads and any crafts or artwork that I make. I started this at the beginning of 2019 and will update it as I journal or craft.


  • @EvilKittenator
    • My personal twitter account which is really random and true to my life at home.
  • @RoslynSundset
    • A more professional twitter account tied mostly to my work as a teacher librarian in the Canadian school system.


  • EvilKittenator’s Province
    • I really enjoy video editing. I wanted a place where I could upload the video’s that I make and decided that this would be the place. Think of it as lifestyle vlogging.
  • Monster n’ Me
    • Here is where Sundset and I post any game related content that we make together. It isn’t consistent uploading but when we have content we would put it here. There is some great backlog content though here.


  • @EvilKittenator
    • I have all sorts of boards here including, but not limited to: Bullet Journal Ideas, Library Ideas, Classroom Ideas, Food to Make, and Crafts to do.


  • EvilKittenator
    • Just your standard Goodreads account. I keep it up to date with everything that I am reading except for all the picture books I read to kids at work (which, as a Teacher Librarian, is many)


  • Roslyn Sundset
    • I post the photos I take of mushrooms every year here on Flickr. I don’t always take photos depending on what is going on in my life, but when I do, this is where I upload them to.


  • Roslyn Sundset
    • I really like making online resource boards for the teachers I work with. I gather information from all over the internet and I put them all in one place. This is that place.


  • Terminus City Gamer
    • I love playing Magic the Gathering. I play in tournaments in stores. What I don’t do is keep my cards that I open. I sell them here… on Ebay.

This list seems like a long list and I guess it really is. I mean, I have more things I could probably add to it but in the grand scheme of things… it doesn’t really matter if I don’t update it ever right? So, I look at my snapchat maybe once a month and never upload anything to it. But if I do update some sort of social media account, I will make sure that this list is updated to include it.

Thanks for stopping by!


Catfe Vancouver

Recently I have had the pleasure of visiting our very own Cat Cafe (the Catfe if you will) in good ol’ Vancouver, British Coumbia. Yes, it is exactly how the name describes the place. It is a cafe but it is also a place where you can visit with cats. My friend had messaged me about 3 months prior to the actual reservation and asked me if I wanted to go with her. YES. Oh wait… do I have anything planned (who plans this far in advance??)… uh YES PLEASE TO ME ALL THE CATS.

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Stardew Valley Obsession Time

So it has been a few weeks now since my last post about starting the game Stardew Valley. Since then I have been in deep with this game. If you look at the featured image of this post, you will see my farm mid fall in year one (I will also put the picture at the bottom of this post).I believe my playtime is now getting closer to 40 hours and that is while also working full time, making youtube videos, and everyday responsibilities. It literally takes up all my thinking space when I have a moment to think. How can this one game be so amazing? And made by one guy… well let me tell you some things…

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Recently, Sundset and I dabbled in the world of vlogging. It was weird and exciting and embarrassing all at the same time. It gave me a different perspective of people that I watch on YouTube. Those people who produce many videos every week get some mad props from me. We did one video and let me tell you, it was no cake walk. I will say though, that it was a neat experience to gain a different perspective on YouTube vloggers. I was nervous and self-conscious pretty much the whole time. And at the end, once the video was all said and done, Sundset and I basically said the same thing to each other… “You looked way better than me. I totally didn’t do as good of a job as you did.” It’s funny how we can perceive ourselves and be very down on the things that we do. Or just our perfectionist tendencies that come out. But as they say, we are our own worst critics. And neither of us noticed any shortcomings in the other person.

Stardew Valley

If you have any clue as to what Stardew Valley is, then you know that I am about to go AWOL. Stardew valley is what I like to call a time sink-hole. Albeit an entertaining and fun one but definitely will be hard coming up for air. This game is available on Steam for only $16.99 CAN. Considering the cost of the game to the amount of enjoyment one can get out of it; this seems like one hell of a deal (excuse the language!).

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